Medieval Bibles and Biblical Manuscripts at Les Enluminures

The Bible permeated medieval life and thought. The Bible as we know it – one convenient volume with the complete Old and New Testaments – was created in Paris in the thirteenth century. These Bibles were a medieval bestseller; hundreds survive, thousands may have been copied.  All these Bibles provided unparalleled access to the complete Old and New Testaments.
We present here a remarkable selection: six thirteenth-century Bibles, glossed Bibles, a Psalter, and biblical commentaries. They are wonderful objects. Turn their pages, and enjoy the sound and feel of the parchment. Look at the skill of the scribes who copied them, and the artists who illuminated them; admire the red and blue initials with scrolling pen decoration found on every page. They are a tangible witness to the biblical-centered faith of medieval Europe.