Parisian Painter Trinity
PARISIAN PAINTER Trinity France, Paris (?) c. 1500
Standing Pope
CIRCLE OF THE MASTER BF A Standing Pope Blessing (Peter?)Italy, Lombardy, c. 1510
The Stoning of St. Stephen
NICCOLÒ DI GIACOMO DA BOLOGNA The Stoning of St. Stephen in an Initial “S” Italy, Bologna, c. 1375-1400
Christ as Salvator Mundi
The Infant Christ Child as Salvator Mundi Germany, Swabia (?), c. 1500-1520
Saint Thomas Becket Life
ANONYMOUS NEO-GOTHIC PAINTER Scenes from the Life and Miracles of Saint Thomas Becket France (?) or perhaps Austria (?), c. 1900
Martyrdom of Saint Agatha
TUSCAN ILLUMINATOR (?) Martyrdom of Saint AgathaItaly, Tuscany (?), c. 1290
Master of Santa Maria Maddalena di Valdipietra
BOLOGNESE ILLLUMINATOR, close to the Master of Santa Maria Maddalena di Valdipietra (Master of the Statutes of the “Falegnami” of 1298?) Four Martyr Saints in a Historiated Initial “I” Italy, Bologna, c. 1290-1295
Seated Queen
SPANISH FORGER Seated Queen with Female Saint and FalconerFrance, probably Paris, perhaps after 1925
Communion of St. Denis
PARISIAN PAINTER Communion of St. Denis in an Initial “C”France, Paris, c. 1500
Philip the Good
ROGER VAN DER WEYDEN (copy after) Portrait of Philip the GoodFrance (?), late eighteenth or nineteenth century
ALBERTO PROSDOCIMI (attr.) St. Michael the Archangel Italy, Venice, late 19th or early 20th century
FRENCH PAINTER Two Initials with Moses France, Toulouse, c. 1500
Pope Clement VI
ANONYMOUS ARTIST Le Saint père [Pope Clement VI]Germany, c. 1500-1550
Woodcut Christ on the Cross
After JÖRG BREU THE ELDER Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and St. John Germany, Augsburg, 1504
ANONYMOUS RHENISH ARTIST Saint Bartholomew Germany, Rhineland (near Trier?), c. 1460
The Nativity Historiated initial P
ANONYMOUS The Nativity, in a historiated initial P Upper Rhine or Central Switzerland?, ca. 1340-60
ANONYMOUS ARTIST CanonNortheastern Italy, probably Emilia, c. 1450-75