Blue, green, red, white, brown, and black ink with gold highlights on vellum (188 x 168 mm)
Northern Italy, c. 1400

A decorated leaf from an illuminator’s pattern book: the recto with a sketch of two standing figures in brown ink, their faces filled in with a terra verde body colour wash: a bearded man holding a phylactery with an inscription identifying him as 'Moises', and behind him a crowned woman holding a book-bag. Around them are penwork annotations including the words ‘filius meus’, and below an indexing number with signature in an early 17th century hand. The verso with a monogram ‘I M’ made of three banderoles in green and pink bisected vertically by a longer banderole in pink and green; the rest of the page filled with illuminators' pen and brush trials with initials in red and blue and scrolling penwork flourishes in gold, red and blue and a bearded man's face in the upper left corner (some minor wear and staining, formerly used as a front flyleaf in a book).


Price$35,000 - $50,000
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