France, c. 1770-1790
Height 21 mm., exterior width of hoop 21 mm., bezel 35 x 19 mm.
Weight 9 gr., US size 6.75, UK size N ½

This ring is made of rose gold with a distinctive pinkish tinge. The hoop is flat inside and slightly rounded on the outside with beveled edges. It widens towards the shoulders and develops into capital-shaped ends. The underside of the oblong octagonal bezel follows the curvature of the finger. On top, two sections lie under curved glass panels. Below is a scene painted in grisaille depicting a young maiden standing next to an altar of love with turtle doves. In one hand, she holds a lover’s crown of myrtle over the altar and with the other strokes a faithful dog standing at her feet. Above is a rebus in gold lettering made of fine gold wires set against a background of plaited brown hair. A lace-like frame surrounds the following letters and symbols: “J,” “E,” an image of a glass, and “L.”

Price$35,000 - $50,000
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