Adoration of the Magi
GERMAN SCHOOL Adoration of the MagiGermany, Swabia or Franconia, c. 1465-70
Saint John the Evangelist
GERMAN SCHOOL St. John the EvangelistUpper Rhine, c. 1480-90
Madonna and Child
UPPER RHENISH SCHOOL Madonna and ChildUpper Rhine, c. 1490
Model Book with Deer and Falcon
NORTH ITALIAN SCHOOL A Sheet from a Model Book with Four Studies of Deer and a FalconItaly, Lombardy or the Veneto, c. 1500
Seated Cardinal
WORKSHOP OF FILIPPINO LIPPI Two Figures in Ecclesiastical Robes Approaching a Seated CardinalItaly, Florence, c. 1490-1500
Guillaume Alexis
GUILLAUME ALEXIS Le Passe-temps de tout homme et de toute femme; L’ABC des doublesFrance, Normandy, Rouen?, c. 1525-1530
Schembart Carnival Book
SCHEMBART (“hiding beard”) CARNIVAL BOOK Germany, likely Nuremberg, c. 1540-1550, with later additions
Children playing Marbles
ROMAN SCHOOL Children Playing Marbles Italy, Rome (?), c. 1550