Adoration of the Magi (200 x 282 mm.)
Germany, Swabia or Franconia, c. 1465-70

Previous sale catalogues classified this drawing as fifteenth-century Netherlandish, close to the work of Dirk Bouts. Of the nearly 3,000 extant German drawings of the fifteenth century, the majority are copy- drawings, like this one, composed by apprentices as exercises or used by journeymen as models. New expertise suggests that this drawing actually preserves a copy of a lost painting from the Pleydenwurff-Herlin circle in the latter 1460s. The watermark localizable in Ulm c. 1462 supports this date and origin. This is the period in Germany, specifically in the region of Franconia, when German art was fully assimilating Netherlandish influences.


Price$50,000 - $75,000
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