HAIMO OF AUXERRE Expositio in epistolas PauliFrance, Paris, c. 1460-1480 (before 1481) and c. 1500
Constance Psalter
PSALTER Southern Germany (diocese of Constance or Augsburg), c. 1240-60
Vulgate Spanish Bible
VULGATE BIBLE Spain, Kingdom of Castile (Seville?), c. 1240-1260
Job with the Glossa Ordinaria
[LATIN VULGATE] JOB with the GLOSSA ORDINARIA Northern Italy, c. 1125-40
Peter of Poitiers
PETRUS PICTAVIENSIS [PETER OF POITIERS] Compendium historiae in genealogia ChristiEngland (perhaps Oxford?), c. 1230-1250
Vulgate Bible Paris
VULGATE BIBLE France (Paris?), c. 1250-1270
Latin Vulgate Bible
LATIN VULGATE England, c. 1260-1275
Mathurin and Aurifaber ateliers Vulgate Bible
VULGATE BIBLE France (Paris), c. 1250-1260