(Prato 1487-Florence 1504)
Two Figures in Ecclesiastical Robes Approaching a Seated Cardinal (?) from Behind while a Standing Boy Draws Aside a Curtain (132 x 183 mm.)
Italy, Florence, c. 1490-1500

The lively and varied pen technique with which the movement and expressivity of the figures have been captured comes very close to Filippino Lippi´s drawing style in the last decade of the fifteenth century, as evident in both his drawings of the Nereid with Putti and the Sibyl (Goldner and Bambach, nos. 63 and 49). The subject is a mystery.  The seated clergyman might be a cardinal, but as he is wearing a biretta he could be of lower rank.  It is not quite clear if this is a composition drawing for one scene or if it is in fact two separate ones; however, the format suggests that it is preparatory for a predella panel.


Price$15,000 - $25,000
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