Nicholas of Gorran
NICHOLAS OF GORRAN Sermones de Tempore et de Quadragesima [Sermons for the Temporale and for Lent], sermons excerpted from the Sermones de Sanctis [Sermons for the Feasts of Saints] Northern France, Paris?, c. 1275-1300
Mathurin and Aurifaber ateliers Vulgate Bible
VULGATE BIBLE France (Paris), c. 1250-1260
Latin Vulgate Bible
LATIN VULGATE England, c. 1260-1275
The Soissons Missal
Noted Missal (the “Soissons Missal”) Northeastern France (Diocese of Soissons), c. 1250-75
Histoire Ancienne
Histoire Ancienne jusqu’à César and Fait des Romains ​France, Paris, c. 1370-80
HAIMO OF AUXERRE Expositio in epistolas Pauli France, Paris, c. 1460-1480 (before 1481) and c. 1500
Bastard d'Estang
AUGUSTE DE BASTARD D’ESTANG Preparatory Studies, Facsimiles and Drawings France, Paris ?, circa 1850-1851
WILLIAM OF AUVERGNE De universo Northern Italy, c. 1440-60, and Rome, c. 1470-8
Breviary (Use of Rome) Northern Italy (Verona?), dated 1456
Schembart Carnival Book
SCHEMBART (“hiding beard”) CARNIVAL BOOK Germany, likely Nuremberg, c. 1540-1550, with later additions
JEAN DE BAUDREUIL Sommaire abrégé des ducs de Orléans-Longueville France, likely Paris, c. 1525 (likely after 1524)
JEROME Letter LIV To Furia [To Furia, On the Duty of Remaining a Widow], in the translation by CHARLES BONIN France, likely Bourges, c. 1500-1510
Thomas Aquinas Commentary
THOMAS AQUINAS Sententia libri Ethicorum, or Liber super ethicorum aristotelis (Commentary on the Ethics of Aristotle) In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment Northeastern Italy (Venice), c. 1470
Scroll of Trees
attributed to R. MEIR BEN JUDAH ASHKENAZI POPPERS Ilan Ha-Gadol [The Great Tree] East-Central Europe, Late 17th Century – Early 18th Century
Les sept fruits de la tribulation
[ANONYMOUS], Les sept fruits de la tribulation France, after 1482, c. 1490
Cicero De Officiis
[MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO], De officiis libri III cum interpretatione Petri Marsi In Latin, decorated manuscript on parchment
Saint Jerome Miscellany
SAINT JEROME, [Miscellany] Northern Italy, c. 1450-1500
Chanson de Geste
PHILIPPE DE VIGNEULLES La Chanson de Geste de Garin Le Loherain France, Metz, c. 1515-1527/28
Saint Jerome Epistula
ST. JEROME Epistola [Letters] ​Italy, Florence [probably Santa Maria degli Angeli], c. 1430-40
Presentation Bookletes for Heinrich Conried
AMES AND ROLLINSON, designers and illuminators Presentation booklets for HEINRICH CONRIED New York City, 1898 and 1908
PROCESSIONAL (Dominican Use) France (Rouen), c. 1520-1530; c. 1525-1550; 1674
Pythagoras Carmina Aura
PYTHAGORAS, with commentary by HIEROCLES Carmina Aurea (Golden Verses) Italy, probably Supersano (Apulia), c. 1465
Peter of Poitiers
PETRUS PICTAVIENSIS [PETER OF POITIERS] Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi England (perhaps Oxford?), c. 1230-1250
Conradus de Saxonia
CONRADUS DE SAXONIA, Sermones de sanctis et de communi sanctorum and Speculum Beatae Virginis Mariae Austria (Vienna?) or Southern Germany, c. 1275-1300
Constance Psalter
PSALTER Southern Germany (diocese of Constance or Augsburg), c. 1240-60
Vulgate Spanish Bible
VULGATE BIBLE Spain, Kingdom of Castile (Seville?), c. 1240-1260
Vulgate Bible Paris
VULGATE BIBLE France (Paris?), c. 1250-1270
Sefer Kerirut Book of Ratification
SAMSON BEN ISAAC OF CHINON, copied by Abraham ben Judah of Crete Sefer keritut [Book of Ratification] Candia [Crete], c. 1375-1400
Passover Haggadah
Passover Haggadah; ISAAC BEN MEIR HA-LEVI DUEREN, Sha‘arei dura [The Gates of Dueren] (table of contents only) Northern France or Germany, late 14th-early 15th centuries
Job with the Glossa Ordinaria
[LATIN VULGATE] JOB with the GLOSSA ORDINARIA Northern Italy, c. 1125-40
Drawing of Marie Anne Christine Dauphine of France
PIERRE MIGNARD(?) Drawing of Marie Anne Christine, Dauphine of France France, c. 1683-84