Preparatory Studies, Facsimiles and Drawings
Three volumes, lithographic facsimile, tracings, water colors
France (Paris), c. 1850-1851

Auguste de Bastard d’Estang (1792-1893) is best known for his grand project of reproduction of manuscript illumination (Peintures et ornements des manuscrits, Paris, 1837-46). For this project he used lithography and had the plates colored by hand, rather than the new technique of of chromolithography. This set of three volumes is of special interest for its techniques. The first volume is a copy of an uncolored lithographic facsimile of the Roman de Girart de Nevers. The second is an album of tracings, mostly uncolored, from multiple sources. The color guides added in manuscript to the bottom of each page show they were intended for reproduction. A third volume includes more than fifty very fine and extremely accurate watercolor sketches after the Vengeance de Notre Seigneur (presumably for an uncompleted facsimile project), signed and dated 1851 by an artist “Le Finat.


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Neo-Gothic: Book Production and Medievalism
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