Breviary (Use of Rome)

Breviary (Use of Rome)
In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment
Northern Italy (Verona?), dated 1456

This Breviary follows the liturgy of the Papal Curia, which was first adopted by the Franciscans in the thirteenth century. It is a luxurious volume, carefully written, with attractive penwork initials and five illuminated pages, including two full borders. It includes very few signs of daily use, and was certainly made for a person of wealth, perhaps the patron of a Franciscan monastery. Dated, this Breviary can be localized to Northeastern Italy, probably Verona. It includes an unidentified coat-of-arms, which when identified should help complete the story of its origin.

TM 517

Price$50,000 - $75,000

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Enlighten the Darkness: An Exhibition in Honor of “Le manuscrit franciscain retrouvé”
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