Miscellany including THOMAS A KEMPIS, Imitatio Christi, book one...

MARCUS OF REGENSBURG, Visio Tnugdali; H[ENRICUS] SALTERIENSIS, Tractatus de Purgatorio de Sancti Patricii; IOHANNES GOBI, Historia de spiritu Guidonis;Historia Udonis Magdeburgensis episcopi; PS-BEDE, De meditatione passionis Christi; BONAVENTURE, Lignum vitae; LUDOLF VON SUDHEIM, Reise ins heilige LandVisio Philiberti; PS-ANSELM, Dialogus beatae Mariae et Anselmi de passione domini (Latin and Dutch versions); and other texts
In Latin, Low German, and Dutch, decorated manuscript on paper
Netherlands (Southeastern?) or Western Germany, c. 1460-1480

Ludolf of Sudheim’s Journey to the Holy Land (the only copy of the Low German translation in private hands, and one of only nine identified copies), and an extensive Meditation on the Life of Christ in Low German (possibly unique) would be important in any context; here their interest is increased by their inclusion in a carefully thought-out Miscellany that reflects the spirituality of the Modern Devotion and includes the Imitation of Christ, five visionary texts describing journeys to Heaven and Hell (one copied twice), and six texts on the Passion of Christ.

TM 625

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