Guglielmo Giraldi The Annunciation
Guglielmo Giraldi (fl. Ferrara, 1445-1489) The Annunciation in an initial “M” Italy, Ferrara, c. 1470
Madonna and Child
UPPER RHENISH SCHOOL Madonna and Child Upper Rhine, c. 1490
Adoration of the Magi
GERMAN SCHOOL Adoration of the Magi Germany, Swabia or Franconia, c. 1465-70
Birago Trinity
GIOVAN PIETRO BIRAGO Trinity Italy, Brescia, 1469-1486
Seated Cardinal
WORKSHOP OF FILIPPINO LIPPI Two Figures in Ecclesiastical Robes Approaching a Seated Cardinal Italy, Florence, c. 1490-1500
Perrin Remiet Ages of Man
PERRIN REMIET Ages of Man France, Paris, c. 1400-1410
Hannibal Defeating the Romans
PIERRE GARNIER Hannibal Defeating the Romans Eastern France, Langres(?), c. 1480
Master of Coetivy
MASTER OF COËTIVY Descent from the Cross, The Three Living and Three Dead, Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, and Martyrdom of Saint Denis France, Paris, c. 1460-65
Maestro del Liber Celestium Revelationum
MAESTRO DEL LIBER CELESTIUM REVELATIONUM Ascension of Christ Italy, Naples, c. 1380
Master of the Munich
MASTER OF THE MUNICH SAINT JOHN ON PATMOS Lamentation Germany, Passau (?), c. 1525-1530
Master of Virgil
MASTER OF VIRGIL The Crucifixion France, Paris, c. 1400-1410
Saint John the Evangelist
GERMAN SCHOOL St. John the Evangelist Upper Rhine, c. 1480-90
MASTER OF THE MODENA HOURS (Tomasino da Vimercate) Initial D, Vocation of the Apostles Peter (Simon) and Andrew Italy, Lombardy (Milan or Pavia?,) c. 1395
Noli me tangere
ANONYMOUS (Painter at the Collegiate Church of St.-Magdalene?) Noli me tangere France, Verdun, 1424
SWABIAN PAINTER The Massacre of the Innocents Germany, likely Swabia, c. 1450-1470
SWABIAN PAINTER The Washing of the Feet Germany, likely Swabia, c. 1450-1470
Communion of St. Denis
PARISIAN PAINTER Communion of St. Denis in an Initial “C” France, Paris, c. 1500
WORKSHOP OF THE HOTEL DES INVALIDES Vase of Flowers, Presentation in the Temple (recto), Finding of Moses (verso) France, Paris, c. 1688-1693
SIMON BENING (1483-1561) Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus in the Passion of Christ Flanders, probably Bruges c. 1508-1509
Martrydom of Saint Lawrence
UMBRIAN MASTER (MASTER OF THE MATRICOLA DEGLI SPADAI DI PERUGIA?) Martrydom of Saint Lawrence Italy, Perugia, c. 1360
Bamberg Painter
BAMBERG(?) PAINTER The Crucifixion Germany, Bamberg (?), c. 1440-1450
Spanish Forger The Three Marys at the Tomb
SPANISH FORGER The Three Marys at the Tomb France, probably Paris, c. 1900 (?)
The Crucifixion
MASTER OF PICO The Crucifixion Italy, Ferrara, c. 1480
Leaf from a Pattern Book
LEAF FROM A PATTERN BOOK Northern Italy, c. 1400
Queen of Sheba
GERMANO PROSDOCIMI Queen of Sheba before Solomon Italy, Venice, 1864
Bartolomeo Caporali
BARTOLOMEO CAPORALI Coronation of the Virgin in an initial D Italy, Perugia, c. 1485-1490
Model Book with Deer and Falcon
NORTH ITALIAN SCHOOL A Sheet from a Model Book with Four Studies of Deer and a Falcon Italy, Lombardy or the Veneto, c. 1500
Children playing Marbles
ROMAN SCHOOL Children Playing Marbles Italy, Rome (?), c. 1550