(active Langres, 1470-1490)
Hannibal Defeating the Romans (134 x 95 mm.)
Ink, tempera, and liquid gold on parchment
Eastern France, Langres(?), c. 1480

This miniature’s lively combat scene once illustrated a copy of Jean Miélot’s Romuléon, a lengthy story of the Romans and Roman history. Six complete copies of Miélot's translation survive but beyond the French copy from which this miniature is taken all other copies were made in the Netherlands for patrons in the circle of the Burgundian court. The combat scene depicts a rider with spear in the foreground and the slaughter of Roman soldiers in the background, illustrating chapter 21, Book IV, of the Romuléon with Hannibal’s victory over the Romans. The hand was fairly recently identified by Jacques Lauga as the Langres-based illuminator Pierre Garnier, an artist who worked at the court of René d'Anjou from 1476 to 1480. The verso side is inscribed with eighteen lines of text written in a bâtarde script.

Price$15,000 - $25,000
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