Queen of Sheba before Solomon from the Grimani Breviary
In Latin, illuminated manuscript page on parchment
Italy, Venice, 1864

Illuminated by the nineteenth-century Venetian artist Germano Prosdocimi this “facsimile” presents a folio from one of the most famous early Renaissance Flemish illuminated manuscripts, the Grimani Breviary held in Venice (Biblioteca Marciana MS lat. I, 99). The function this copy is unclear. Copies of the Grimani Breviary appear instead to be related to the publication of the facsimiles of this famous manuscript.  In 1862, its 110 full-page miniatures inspired an early portfolio of albumen prints by photographer Antonio Fortunato Perini (1830-1879). Around the same time G. Prosdocimi, a Venetian watercolorist of the period, created many skillful replicas on parchment of its beautiful Flemish paintings, then credited to Hans Memling.


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Neo-Gothic: Book Production and Medievalism
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