Stained glass (19.9 x 12.5 cm. and 20.1 x 12.3 cm.)
France, Loire Valley, first quarter of the 16th century
Clear glass, black and brown grisaille and silver stain

These two rectangular civil panels constitute elements of larger compositions in spite of their frames painted in silver stain on the periphery. One panel illustrates the Treason of Judas; he receives the purse with the thirty pieces of silver in front of a group of nimbed apostles. A similar, now lost, panel would have shown those who gave him the money on the right. The other panel illustrates a horse and charioteer in front of a group of seated spectators; this might be the right side of a scene of the story of the debtor of bad faith, which is one of the miracles from the life of Saint Nicolas. The style recalls painters and illuminators active in Tours around 1500, among them Jean Bourdichon.


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