Gold ring with plain hoop on the interior, ridged on the lower half of the exterior. The near triangular-shaped shoulders have beveled edges and a plinth-like ornament in relief. The shoulders form a sharp angle to the rectangular bezel with the base and four stepped tiers. The top is plain without engraving. The ring shows signs of age and is in good, wearable condition.


A similar ring was found in the Eauze Treasure, today in the Musée archéologique, Eauze in Southern France. Both rings have a similarly stepped bezel; however, the one from Eauze has an opening on the top, probably reserved for a gemstone. See: Dieulafait/Guiraud/Paillier/Schaad, Le trésor d’Eauze (Gers), 1987, fig. 19c. Another close parallel was found in Syria, once belonging to the collection of Honoré d’Albert, Duc de Luynes and today in the Médailles et Antiques de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (inv. 56. Luynes. 537; Fontenay, Les Bijoux anciens et modernes, 1862, p. 39, see also inv. no. de Clercq 3432 with inscription). Two variants of the type with engraved bezels imitating intaglios are in the Alice and Louis Koch Collection, in the Landesmuseum, Zurich (Chadour 1994, vol. 1, no. 411) and in the British Museum, London (Marshall 1968, no. 204). 


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