Sparkling with gold leaf and illustrated with many pictures, Books of Hours survive in large numbers as captivating expressions of daily medieval life. 

More than almost any other type of medieval illuminated manuscript, they are still accessible purchases and can be enjoyed, not only in museums, but at home.  We can gaze at them in contented solitude after dinner, or discuss them with friends who visit, or, as Christopher de Hamel colorfully imagines, even read them in bed.

Les Enluminures offers one of the largest and most wide-ranging inventories of Books of Hours by different artists and in diverse price ranges in the world. Our highly qualified staff, from some of the greatest universities located in America, Europe, and Britain describe each Book of Hours with guaranteed accuracy.  Our team takes great pleasure in introducing Books of Hours to anyone who delights in experiencing and knowing about the European Middle Ages, at any level.  We welcome inquiries from collectors, libraries, and museums. 

This update showcases our new acquisitions of Books of Hours.


Newly featured are a series of short videos bringing each manuscript more fully to life.