Paint to Print: New Paradigms in Medieval Art, New York

23 East 73rd Street
7th Floor, Penthouse
New York, NY 10021
September 8 - October 27, 2023

Press Release and Highlights available here

Paint to Print explores an important episode in the history of medieval art, namely the production and diffusion of high-quality printed works of art. Although often taken for granted today, the introduction of efficiently replicated images in Germany in the 1430s represents a significant paradigm shift. We have been fortunate to gather a range of rare material for this occasion. The objects exhibited allow us to explore the cross-fertilization of painting and print. This group helps to construct a more complete picture of the tightly knit relationships between workshops and the hybrid nature of the medieval visual landscape.

Part of an ongoing effort to understand medieval art in a larger art historical context, the exhibition will present these works alongside modern and contemporary works that significantly contribute to the conversation on prints, originality, and mechanical reproduction.

Cover image : Laura Splan, Blank Stare #8, 2016