Podcast - Episode 43: Time, Desire, & Revival Jewels

February 3, 2022

Today we explore the gap in time between historical events and the present. Between then and now is a gap that creates desire and longing for contact. Creative attempts to close that gap produced a series of “revivalist” movements in the nineteenth century. Through our current exhibition “Ideal Jewels” we discuss the rise of art jewelry, the Pre-Raphaelites, and how revival iconography connects with the present day. What did St. Augustine and Aristotle think about time? What materials did revival jewelers use to research their designs? How can we connect the Victorian era with the medieval period? Find out today on the Les Enluminures podcast. 


The Ideal Past: Revival Jewels:https://www.lesenluminures.com/current-exhibitions/revival-jewels/ 

Carolyn Dinshaw, How Soon is Now?: Medieval Texts, Amature Readers, and the Queerness of Time: https://www.dukeupress.edu/how-soon-is-now