Podcast - Episode 49 with Sonja Drimmer

Rolls, Codices, Codicology, Connoisseurship, Paleography, and Media "Revolutions"
May 27, 2022

Join host Sandra Hindman and Sonja Drimmer on a special episode of the Les Enluminures podcast! Sandra and Sonja sit down to discuss her most recent article in Speculum “Connoisseurship, Art History and the Paleographical Impasse in Middle English Studies,” as well as her recent work on the “rollodex,” framing the relationship between hybrid parchment objects living between the roll and the codex.

Drimmer is an associate professor at U Mass Amherst specializing in medieval European art with expertise in illuminated manuscripts and early print. She received her BA from Brown University and PhD from Columbia University. Drimmer’s research is largely concerned with premodern notions of authorship and authority, the collaborative nature of artistic production, media theory, reproduction, and the aesthetics and material culture of politics. She maintains a strong interest in historiography and in particular how reproduction and restoration shape the reception of objects over time. 

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Sonja Drimmer in Speculum “Connoisseurship, Art History and the Paleographical Impasse in Middle English Studies” 2022.