Podcast - Episode 11: Masterpiece and the Future of Art Fairs

June 18, 2020

Today our host Sandra Hindman, founder and President of Les Enluminures, checks in with Chairman of the Masterpiece Fair Philip Hewat-Jaboor from his residence in the Channel Islands. They discuss his early love of art and youthful career working for Sotheby’s, as well as the burning question on all of our minds: how will art fairs survive and thrive in the digital age? 

If you are curious about the origins of crafting an (entirely digital) art fair, this podcast will help guide you through the thought process Masterpiece has undergone in the past few months. Ultimately our host and Hewat-Jaboor agree that the power of face-to-face interaction will not disappear from the art world, but rather, is temporarily inaccessible. This temporary distance is, in fact, a good thing for the art market. It has forced art fairs to strengthen and diversify their digital offerings and brought innovative new technology into galleries. Find out more about this exciting time in art news, and mark your calendar for the opening of Masterpiece Online next week, launching for its Patron and Preview Day guests at 12pm BST on Monday June 22, and running through June 28, 2020!

This conversation was recorded on Thursday June 11, 2020.