#artyoucanthave - EP. 04 - The Majesty of Ste. Foy

February 19, 2021

In episode #4, Kristen Racaniello reflects on the Majesty of Ste. Foy, a sparkling golden masterpiece with enormous rock crystal spheres, magnificent dangling earrings, a Carolingian crown, and a golden gem studded robe. One of the first medieval statues to revive monumental sculpture, this body reliquary was created between the ninth and tenth centuries. Additions of precious stones and gems were contributed to Foy throughout the medieval period and thus her body displays the most refined jewelry techniques and metalwork of the era.

Ste. Foy is an unattainable masterpiece, residing in the church treasury of Conques.  However, many of her stones and precious gems have gone missing or been replaced over time, and may have found their way into renaissance rings, pendants and portable reliquaries so… never say never!