Podcast - Episode 13: How Did a Medievalist Become President and CEO of the Met?

March 4, 2021

Today host Sandra Hindman speaks with the President and CEO of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Daniel Weiss. How has his development as a scholar, medievalist, and author affected his work as a businessman and CEO? What is the future of museums and universities following this virtual shift to art in the age of COVID-19? Weiss gives listeners insight into the inner workings of the Met and remarks on topics related to his many publications, from his work on cultural interactions in the age of crusade to his two most recent projects. The first is a biographical work on a songwriter, poet, and soldier in the Vietnam era published in 2019, while the other forthcoming book, Why the Museum Matters, is a reflection on the history of the museum and its cultural relevance today. 

This engaging episode focuses on the practical side of maintaining life as a scholar and writer while working as CEO of one of the world’s most important museums. Daniel Weiss’s life is filled with valuable lessons for academics, administrators, businessmen, and art historians.