Podcast - Episode 15: Christine de Pizan's Workshop with Inès Villela-Petit

April 15, 2021

Who is Christine de Pizan? Most know of her as a prolific medieval author, or at least know that she found a seat at Judy Chicago’s table. But how did she work and procure materials? Who worked for her and with her? How did she select her illuminators? Did she deal directly with the Queen? Find out with author and art historian Inès Villela-Petit and our host Sandra Hindman as they discuss the discoveries produced by Villela-Petit’s monograph on Christine de Pizan’s workshop, L'atelier de Christine de Pizan. They uncover the material processes behind the scenes of Christinian creation, the social dynamics of the atelier and Christine’s relationship with the royal court. Through author's drafts, pigment and parchment, traces and marks on the page, and the "stories" told in Christinian painting Inès Villela-Petit places Christine de Pizan's workshop in its material context. Today Sandra Hindman and Inès Villela-Petit explore International Gothic society, discussing Villela-Petit’s realization of an “ideal” Christinian manuscript–– from the purchase of the raw materials through the delivery of the manuscript to the Queen.

This conversation was recorded on Tuesday, April 14, 2021.