Les Enluminures is well known for its broad range of historic jewelry and small devotional objects, including finger rings.  It has handled jewelry and rings dating from the Egyptian era to the present day, with a specialization in the medieval and Renaissance periods.  An unrivalled team of experts provides precise authentication and thorough scholarship to accompany every purchase.

The present virtual exhibition focuses exclusively on new acquisitions.  It is organized in sections:  Ancient and Byzantine rings and jewelry, Medieval and Renaissance rings, Medieval and Renaissance cameos, and Posy rings.  Every jewel is meaningful and tells a story of the past.  Some highlights include: an important Byzantine marriage ring and two remarkable cameos, one from the era of Frederick Hohenstaufen (d. 1250) and another a double portrait of the Milanese Sforzas (late 15c).

Feast your eyes, for truly “Content is a treasure” (the inscription on one of our Posy rings)!